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LCS headquarters


From the very first meeting, the owner of LCS challenged the design team to create a workplace environment unlike any other in Cincinnati. Taking pride in LCS’s reputation as a fun and dynamic high tech place to work, he wanted their new headquarters to be an outward example of the vibrant atmosphere the company is known for.


Upon approach, the building almost appears to defy gravity with its soaring overhangs, while the earthy red cladding and stone masses ground the structure. Generous use of glass ensures that the LCS emits a beacon-like glow at night.


Our design team took cues from other cutting-edge office spaces like Pixar and Facebook and focused the program on providing an open day lit space with plenty of opportunities for collaboration scattered throughout the building. Wood and stone accents with punches of bright colors soften an otherwise industrial steel and concrete palette. Noteworthy features include a three story atrium with an open, wood tread grand stair, a two story break room with a kitchen and bar, a workout facility, and multiple balconies and outdoor spaces. Keeping up with modern trends in workplace design, LCS’s new headquarters proves to be a space where employees can truly enjoy coming to work.

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